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UTOPIAA is an agriculture asset management development with world class amenities and lush green natural beauty. Utopiaa welcomes you to experience a green paradise that is comfortable, cozy and convenient.

Your plot at Utopiaa will be at the forefront of agriculture, timber and holiday world innovation in Bengaluru. It will keep you connected to life’s best offering and yet, help you cut off from the urban chaos and enter a serene world with tranquility. Explore a unique style of living with a combination of managed farmland and nature stay with tax efficient income. Utopiaa is the right choice of high appreciating farmland and a great gift for your future generation. The goodness doesn’t end here, it just gets better and better with this wholesome farmland stay.

What we offer

Tax-free agriculture income

Agricultural income is not taxable under Section 10 (1) of the Income Tax Act, as it is not a part of an individual’s total income, it is beneficial and ROI is on a steady growth.

Income from exotic crop
and wood

With a rich spread of plantation including Avocado, Agarwood, Sandalwood and other crops, the value of these in the coming years can go as high as it can get due to their exotic features. Thus leading to a better ROI in future.

Connect with Nature

The perfect spot for your weekend getaway. Both children and adults can spend time in the farm with nature and nurture their time with flora and fauna around.

Connectivity Map

Green Touch

Green Touch is a professional farm management company who by availing all the support provided by the State and Central Governments for agriculture can transform your farm into a profitable venture. It is an end to end agricultural enterprise company that can leverage the power of your agricultural land for your benefits. BRC is the lead land sourcing partner and landholder for Green Touch.

Green Touch being an agro-based company, functions best in view as below:


  • Maintenance of the plantation is in good hands
  • Good marketing for the produce as a company
  • Perceive good market for the produce/yield
  • Provide security to your valuable plantation area
  • Scientific and modern methods of farming
  • Well qualified and experienced personnel for advice and support

BRC was formed by a group of young and dynamic first generation entrepreneurs with enormous expertise in the fields of sales, marketing and land procurement for nearly 25 years for renowned developers.

Team BRC with their intentions to connect with Mother Nature has come up with ways to work in harmony with nature. Plantation & farming being the first on their list, the concept of this project has laid deep roots in their hearts & souls.

Understanding the world of farming is immense, the promoters at BRC came up with a concept that aims at creating the foremost impression on environmental, social and economic aspects by offering long-term wealth generation opportunities and weekend homes.

Live and Love Foundation

Live and Love Foundation is a non-profitable organization in Bangalore aiming to provide thousands of underprivileged kids and work towards a green and safe environment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide not just food, education and shelter to the deprived, but also to contribute to ecological balance by planting more trees for increased oxygen production and better air quality, rehabilitating degraded forests to reduce carbon dioxide, mixed plantations of minor forest to produce medicinal plants/herbs that support in the regeneration of indigenous herbs/shrubs for healing.

Our Vision

To instill morals & life skills to support, learn and eventually help an individual to live and thrive independently.