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Established in 2019, Utopiaa is a visionary concept in managed farmland. We are third-generation agriculturists, specialising in transforming lands into vibrant and sustainable agro-living spaces, and aim to redefine agricultural landscapes

At Utopiaa, our focus extends beyond managed farmland to encompass a diverse range of offerings that include plantations, holidays, real estate, and strategic locations, which set us apart in the agricultural and lifestyle landscape.

Committed to providing green spaces, we infuse sustainable modern amenities into our farmlands to improve the experience of owning a farm. Our passion for creating affordable managed farmlands ensures that the dream of owning a piece of agricultural haven is affordable for everyone.

Utopiaa Phase 1: Managed Farmland Tourism
Utopiaa: Visionary Managed Farmland Concept in Karnataka

Our Parent Company

Bangalore Real Estate Company

Our parent company, Bangalore Real Estate Company, stands out as the ultimate hub for acquiring prime plots in Bangalore, showcasing unparalleled expertise, a customer-centric approach, and distinct factors that distinguish us from the competition.

Brand Journey

Our journey began in 2018 with the establishment of our parent company, Bangalore Real Estate Company (BRC). BRC swiftly became the go-to destination for premium plots due to its customer-centric approach and the unparalleled expertise of its team members.

The brand Utopiaa emerged in 2019 as a visionary offshoot, carving its niche in managed farmlands, focusing on sustainability. We named our first project in Bagepalli, Utopiaa, to increase awareness and spread the brand concept.

At Utopiaa, we believe in transforming landscapes into sustainable agro-living havens. With a commitment to nurturing the fusion of green spaces and modern amenities, our farmlands redefine the experience of owning a farm.

With the success of Utopiaa Bagepalli, we started our flagship projects: Nandi Pride on the foothills of Nandi Hills, Ecopia in Coorg, Heritage Sovereign near Madikeri and Opulenza in Sadahalli. Our ventures reflect our commitment to creating affordable and sustainable agrospaces.

Our brand story is a testament to the seamless synergy between BRC’s legacy and Utopiaa’s vision. Together, we continue to craft excellence in our projects, offering vibrant farms and creating sustainable communities that echo the joys of rural living.

With simplicity at our core, we invite you to join the Utopiaa community, where every farmland tells a tale of sustainability, affordability, and the promise of a greener tomorrow. 


Utopiaa was founded with a commitment to eco-friendly practices, ensuring responsible farmland management. We pledge to consistently deliver projects punctually, maintaining uncompromising quality standards. 

As a genuine player in the managed farmland concept, Utopiaa strives to exceed customer expectations, offering the best value for money and a lasting connection to sustainable living.

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Portrait of Mr. Sudhin Mandanna, Third-Generation Agriculturist

Mr. Sudhin Mandanna

Chairman & MD of KAIG Group

Portrait of Mr. Anil Muthappa, Project Head

Mr. Anil Muthappa

Project Head

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