Attractions and Amenities- Utopiaa Managed Farmland


Providing Shelter and Care for Abandoned Animals

Barn and livestock rearing

We have shelters for abandoned animals, grazing pastures, and a facility for rearing and maintaining horses. Our livestock rearing includes both cattle and poultry with hygienic methods in a clean environment.

Adventure and Sports

We plan for activities like horseback riding, jogs, walks, and runs within the premises for people seeking an adventurous and sporty outing. Both children and adults can spend time with farm animals, feed them, pet them, and spend their valuable weekends close to nature.

Exciting Activities and Outdoor Fun for All Ages
Embrace Natural Healing for Body and Mind

Nature Cure and Wellness Centres

We have witnessed a few unfavourable and noxious side effects with current cures and ailments. Thus, we bring qualified and experienced therapists to provide immense natural cures and care for detoxing and cleansing the body and mind.

Attractions And Highlights


The clean and safe methods of farming and growing selective and suitable trees to enhance the environment and increase the green cover

Smart Scientific Farming

A combination of scientific and organic methods will enhance the soil quality and produce better yields.


The green patch is a highlighted factor, with varied trees and plantations enabling a balance of underground water levels, thereby constituting a lush green patch.

Resort & Club House

A sprawling clubhouse at Utopiaa features numerous recreational and wellness facilities, which can be accessed free of charge by all residents.

Tax Free Income

Agriculture is exempted from income tax. Attractive ROI with rapid growth around the area, appreciation of the land value and profits from harvesting trees & plantation.