Utopiaa has brought to you managed farmland near Bangalore with high value crops for your timeless investment. 


You don’t need to be a farmer to own a farm – you can own your dream farm without ever getting your hands dirty


Your investments have been made affordable with easy, interest free payment options

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About Us

UTOPIAA is an agriculture asset management development with world class amenities and lush green natural beauty. Utopiaa welcomes you to experience a green paradise that is comfortable, cozy and convenient.

Your plot at Utopiaa will be at the forefront of agriculture, timber and holiday world innovation in Bengaluru. It will keep you connected to life’s best offering and yet, help you cut off from the urban chaos and enter a serene world with tranquility. Explore a unique style of living with a combination of managed farmland and nature stay with tax efficient income. Utopiaa is the right choice of high appreciating farmland and a great gift for your future generation. The goodness doesn’t end here, it just gets better and better with this wholesome farmland stay.

Why Utopiaa?

We are not sure what will happen to stock market, Cryptocurrency investments or bitcoin. We don’t know what tomorrow  holds. But what we know that we need stable income in any crisis.

Utopiaa has brought to you managed farmland near Bangalore with high value crops for your timeless investment. With appreciating the value of Trees like Sandalwood and Agarwood, we’ve got your smart retirement plans ready. 

Invest in sustainable farmlands that are completely organic at Rs. 330/sqft with Zero maintenance, Payment flexibility and 50:50 revenue sharing.

Come and explore Utopiaa! Where the future is in your hands!

managed farmland near bangalore

Project Description

Project Plan

200 acres Farmplot

Other Crops

Nursery Plants, Ornamental Plants, Fruits & Pulses, exotic herbs and shrubs.


Sandalwood, Agarwood, Avocado, Dragon Fruit, Passion Fruit, Chilly & Beans.

Attractions And Highlights


The clean and safe methods of farming and growing selective and suitable trees to enhance the environment and increase the green cover.

Smart Scientific Farming

Combination of scientific and organic methods will enhance the soil quality and produce better yields.


THE GREEN PATCH is a highlighted factor with varied trees & plantations enabling a balance of underground water levels, thereby constituting a lush green patch.

Resort & Club House

A sprawling clubhouse at Utopiaa features numerous recreational and wellness facilities, which can be accessed free by all residents.

Tax Free Income

Agriculture is exempted from income tax. Attractive ROI with rapid growth around the area, appreciation of the land value and profits from harvesting trees & plantation.

Income Benefits as Mentioned Below

Retirement plan-1

Sandalwood – 15th Year income

Retirement plan-2

Agarwood – 10th Year Income

Annual Income

Avocado & Dragon Fruit

Quarterly Income

Byadagi Chilly & Beans, Passion Fruit

Tax Free income

Income generated from agriculture is completely tax free

Stable and Consistent Income

Smart Scientific Farming

Technical assistance from Sandal and Agar association

Crop plantation based on soil test report and nurturing done

Drip irrigation
and organic

Rain water harvesting and bhungroo technique

Words from Our Customers

“Agroforestry is no doubt a huge benefit to reinstate the natural balance. Agroforestry involves a wide range of trees that are protected, regenerated, planted or managed in agricultural landscapes as”…

Davan Machaiah P.S

BSc. (Agr) MBA (Plantation management) Lao People's Democratic Republic-LAOS

“Agroforestry (Agriculture+Forestry) is a land use management system in which trees or shrubs are grown around or among crops. This system enhances the functionality and sustainability of farming. This has”…

Vismay KG

M.Tech ( Ph.D), Assistant Professor Department of Mechanical Engineering, Vidyavardhaka College of Engineering, Mysore

“With the advent of Rapid urbanization and dwindling green cover, Agro Forestry can be considered as a saving grace in restoring the natural balance. It provides a perfect landscape where”…

Rahul Machaiah

Business Analyst Metric Stream Bangalore

“Agroforestry bridges the gap that often separates agriculture and forestry by building integrated systems that address both environmental and socio-economic objectives. Agroforestry can improve the resiliency of agricultural systems and”…

Ganwant Mallik

Ph.D (Geology) Patna, Bihar

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