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Ecopia is a piece of heaven in Kodagu, that generates sustainable wealth. Amongst the many things Kodagu is known for, the ecological environment is something to experience. We give you the opportunity to own a piece of land in Coorg, one of the finest places for farming and tourism.

Nature's Embrace: Premium Farm Plots at Ecopia in Gonikoppal
Green Living Awaits: Explore Ecopia's Premium Farm Plots in Gonikoppal


We provide genuine and clear documentation for our project. In Kodagu, you can enjoy nature in its true essence while yielding income from the plantations we sow and manage for you. The Ecopia project is located in Kalthmadu Village, Coorg, and the total project size is 32 acres, surrounded by lush green plantations and mountain ranges, with limited plots. The organic crops we cultivate here are Sandalwood, Agarwood, and Black Pepper.


Share vows beneath Kodagu’s expansive skies in our charming gazebos, or test your limits on our thrilling rock-climbing walls. Kids can enjoy  the vibrant water park, and families find tranquility in the enchanting tree houses nestled amidst nature’s embrace. Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of the Kodava people at our cultural experience center, or let serenity wash over you as you glide across the tranquil lake. Every amenity at Ecopia has been thoughtfully crafted to blend seamlessly with nature’s beauty, ensuring memories that will linger as long as the aroma of Kodagu’s famed coffee. 

Relaxing Retreat: Gazebo at Ecopia's World-Class Amenities


Elevated Living: Enjoy Tree House Bliss at Ecopia

Tree House

Aquatic Delights: Dive into Fun at Ecopia's Water Park

Water Park

Adventure Awaits: Conquer Heights with Rock Climbing at Ecopia

Rock Climbing

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There are no restrictions on the maximum number of plots one can purchase. Buyers can acquire any number of plots.

The triple income benefits encompass commercial plantation gains, income from tourism, including cottage accommodations, and the appreciation of land value.

Ecopia is an exclusive venture by Utopiaa, designed as a premium managed farm tourism project.

Ecopia’s environmental initiatives include establishing a plastic-free zone and planting around 8,000 trees. These trees produce ample oxygen to support 24000 people, thereby significantly reducing their carbon footprint.

Yes, a certificate confirming your contribution to tree plantations will be provided.

Carbon footprint denotes the volume of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases discharged due to human activities.

Ecopia is projected to create approximately 100 direct employment opportunities and 150 indirect employment opportunities in both Coorg and Bangalore.

30% of the total value is required as a booking amount to secure and reserve the plots.

The remaining amount is payable in instalments within six months from the booking date.

Once 60% of the amount is paid, the company will initiate documentation procedures for registration, including the 11E survey.

The cost of the A-frame cottage, inclusive of basic furniture and fittings, is ₹10 lakh.

No, the company will handle maintenance using revenue shares from commercial plots.

The cost of the A-frame cottage, inclusive of basic furniture and fittings, is ₹10 lakh.

No, the company will handle maintenance using revenue shares from commercial plots.

No, the company will handle maintenance using revenue shares from commercial plots.

The revenue sharing ratio between the company and the buyer is 50:50, based on the plantation produce.

The company oversees tourism activities, including maintenance, marketing, bookings, and staffing. The company charges 50% of its revenue as service fees for these activities.

Revenue projections are grounded in thorough research and the company’s experience in managing farm tourism projects. Costs may vary due to market fluctuations and climatic changes.

During booking, the company furnishes a plot confirmation letter, a receipt, and an agreement between the company and the buyer.

You can access the exclusive link created for Ecopia’s terms, conditions, and policy.

Yes, bookings can be cancelled at any point before the 11E process with a cancellation fee of ₹25000 INR. Refunds may take up to 90 working days.

Yes, plots can be resold with the company’s assistance.

The agreement period lasts for 20 years.

Yes, the cottage can be tailored according to the buyer’s preferences. The company manages the construction and approvals.

The A-frame cottage can comfortably accommodate 2 adults and 2 children.


Utopiaa is a product of Green Touch, who are experts in managing estates, agriculture, and organic foods.

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