Frequently Asked Questions

Why Utopiaa?

Utopiaa is a plotted development with a plush spread of plantations. With its serene landscape, walking boulevards, cultivated greenery, and enriched lifestyle, UTOPIAA welcomes you to experience a green paradise that is comfortable, cozy, and convenient.

Why Greentouch and BRC?

BRC being into multiple businesses is the lead land sourcing partner and land holder for Greentouch.
Greentouch is exclusively an agricultural enterprise company, it can avail all the facilities and support provided by the State n Central govts for farming and agriculture where as an individual these can go unnoticed.
Greentouch being an agro based company function best in view as below:

• Maintenance of the plantation is in good hands
• Good marketing for the produce as a company
• Perceive good market for the produce/yield
• Maintain security measures to your valuable plantation area
• Scientific and modern method of farming
• Well qualified and experienced personnel for advise and support

How is Utopiaa different from other farmland projects?

• Most of the such farmlands around are located outside Karnataka
• Utopiaa is also coming up with additional concepts like resorts, weekend getaway, destination wedding etc. A free membership is provided for all these are planned for the buyers.
• Help with resale for the clients in future
• Utopiaa is a complete commercial agro-forestry with a well planned yield and income that most if not all farmland projects are not into.

Is it a taxable income?

No, it is not a taxable income.

What is the expected Income?

Tax free and definitely larger than any other investment return available in the current market. Terms and Conditions apply, please read the document on earnings/income carefully, understand and then proceed to buy.

Is there sufficient water source?


Can I avail Loan?

Loan can be availed depending on your personal/individual eligibility.

What are the upcoming developments around your project location?

• Government proposed themed Disney Land
• Hyunet Pvt Ltd (with an investment of 1,835 crores and 2,210 direct jobs)
• Surrounded by tourist attractions like Gummanayaka Fort, Begepalli Hill, Chitravathi Dam Reservoir, Antara Gange Cave etc.
• Temples like Sri Laxmi Adinarayana Swamy, Ghati Subramanya, Lepakshi and so on
• Veerapuram Natural bird sanctuary.
• Other developments include Colleges, International Schools etc

What are the Environmental benefits with your project?

• Increase of underground water level due to plantation
• Green revolution, increase of green cover
• Smart and scientific methods of mixed farming
• Organic and no harmful chemicals
• Plantation cover contributes towards minimising the pollution content in the air
• The more the tress, the lesser the soil erosion

What is the security and assurance?

Immediate land registration in your name; agreements will be issued for lease period agreed with all the terms and conditions as specified.

Are there payment flexibility?

Yes, if required as per payment chart. Registration will be done only after the fulfilment of complete payment.

What happens after lease period?

Lease period can be extended if you wish to or it can be a freehold land.

What are the risks involved?

• Natural causes, disturbances and calamities affecting the yield
• Yield is subject to market for the produce
• Yield value is subject to market value

How many plots can I buy?

Any number

eCan the membership be transferred?

No, it cannot be transferred.

Are there any additional charges?


Can I cancel my bookings?

Yes, only before the registration and based on cancellation policy of the Company

Can I cancel my lease in between the actual term signed?

No, you cannot. Minimum number of years for lease is 15 yrs.

When will the plantation yield start?

• Avacado around 3yrs and yields annually
• Agarwood around 7-10 yrs
• Sandalwood around 13-15 yrs.

Can I earn more than the income projected by the company?

Yes, indeed. However, it is subject to the yield and market value year on year. The current calculations are as on 2021, it definitely will appreciate in 15 years.

Who will maintain the property?


Can Property be resold after 15years?


Can it be converted into residential?


Can we get residential plot?


Who can invest?

Anyone interested can invest.

How often can I visit my plot?

Whenever you wish to.

Why cannot an individual purchase and do the farming by himself?

It’s not impossible, but needs a lot of experience, time and knowledge to carry out this kind of plantation. For a company running a business in a vast land is easier than an individual doing it in terms of marketing, value for the yield, bulk yield support export. A small yield in one unit can be open to smaller markets with limited buyer value.

Employment factor?

In the current era where unemployment has become a major concern, Greentouch holds the vision of providing employment to many.
Greentouch provides end to end employment starting from the ground level staff to involve in basic plantation to mid level to maintain the plantation and further experienced personnel to support and advise on the plantation techniques and methods. It also will consist of staff for market analysis and sales.