Utopiaa managed farmland near bangalore

Leadership & Management

Portrait of Mr. Sudhin Mandanna, Third-Generation Agriculturist

History and Background

Mr Sudhin Mandanna

Sudhin Mandanna isn’t your average entrepreneur. He’s a third-generation agriculturist, his roots planted deep in Kodagu’s fertile soil. The legacy of farming flows through his veins, evident in everything he does. KAIG Group, his diverse company, is a testament to this. 

From real estate to nurturing organic and managed farmlands at Utopiaa, his business ventures are like vibrant seedlings, sprouting with both ambition and environmental consciousness. 

Sudhin’s impact stretches beyond the boardroom. His MBA brainpower fuels the Live and Love Foundation, a blossoming initiative that cares for the community and planet. As a thought leader, his voice resonates with audiences and policymakers alike, advocating for a future where progress and green living go hand in hand.

Sudhin’s vision isn’t limited to Bangalore. He’s inspiring a generation across India to cultivate success that’s as green as the fields his ancestors nurtured. He’s not just an entrepreneur, he’s a farmer at heart, planting seeds for a brighter tomorrow.